Are you looking for something new and fascinating in the presentations you offer your audience? Are you trying to find unusual programs that will entertain them, while also educating and enriching them?

Jack French's many presentations combine fascinating facts with humor and nostalgia, exactly what people enjoy most. In addition, his programs concentrate on topics that will appeal to women and men of all ages. And it's well known that a great program increases your attendance.

He has been engaged by various venues in Northern Virginia, including fraternal organizations, retirement communities, and social clubs. All of his programs have been very well received and he has been invited back regularly.

Honorarium: Ranges from $ 35 to $ 55, for a 30-60 minute presentation. Rates depend on the size of audience, round trip travel, etc. Business Invoice provided, if desired.

Contact Information:
Voice Mail: 703-978-1236

Jack French


Here's a sampling of the historical facts and fascinating nostalgia covered in his various lectures:

•  Despite Dorothea Dix's prohibition against hiring Catholics as Civil War nurses, hundreds of Catholic nuns volunteered as nurses on both sides of the conflict.

•  To prevent idolization of criminals at the height of the Gangster Era, the Motion Picture Production Code decreed that only actors portraying law enforcement officers could be shown on screen firing a Thompson Submachine gun.

•  In 1911, Harriet Quimby became the first woman pilot in the U.S. In April 1912, in an open-cockpit plane, she was the first woman to fly solo over the English Channel, but the sinking of the Titanic that same week buried news of her triumph.

•  Elmer Irey, the Treasury Agent who got Capone on Income Tax evasion, also was indirectly responsible for solving the Lindbergh kidnapping case by insisting the ransom money contain gold certificates.

•  The actors who were born in the Washington D.C. area and grew up there before becoming Hollywood stars include: Goldie Hawn, Warren Beatty, Shirley MacLaine, and Sandra Bullock.

• Although nearly all radio sound effects were handled by men during the Golden Age of Radio, one woman, Ora Nichols, actually created this line of work in broadcasting.

•  Carolyn Keene, the prolific author of the Nancy Drew series, never existed. Like Betty Crocker, she was just symbolic. All the books credited to her (including the Dana Girls series) were actually authored by dozens of ghost writers, including some men.

Jack French in action

In the attire of a 1930's G-Man, Jack details the events of the Gangster Era for his audience.

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